Dark times

It's dark times. I have fallen into a black hole. Depression is another name for it. All I do is sleeping, getting somewhat creative with pen and paper or my piano, and sleeping again.

I don't know how to move on. In may this year something happened and suddenly my world was up-side-down.

I feel joy when I create comics and when I write on my book. In the middle of this black hole I have published a new book, by the way. A Swedish one.

Maybe I'm more productive than I think? Do I have to always be productive? However, my school work is paused right now. I can't think straight (lol I'm gay, maybe that's why???) so I have to pause my studies.

Right now - to survive - I have to focus on what's make me happy. I think. Or at least, what makes me less sad.

Here is the latest Trixie and Truls comic I have worked on.

I guess I have to continue with my comics because that's the one thing that keep me go on.

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