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I'm studying Spanish and Japanese right now. I use Lengalia e-learning for my Spanish studies and Marugoto by The Japan Foundation for my Japanese studies.

Marugoto Japanese course by The Japan Foundation. I'm studying at a café in my home town in Sweden.

I love languages, even tho I'm not very good on speaking. Not even in my native language I'm a big fan of speaking... But I love to write and read and understand YouTube videos and so on. I see the learning as a game. As something fun I do for myself. I practice on Duolingo and Busuu too, just as tools for learning. I'm not a big fan of talking in any language really, but that doesn't mean I don't like writing and reading in other languages. It's the same with English. I understand fluently and can speak pretty okay, but I do much rather read or write in English than talk to people in English. But despite that, I love language study!

Lengalia e-learning platform.

Lengalia is a very fun learning platform for learning Spanish. I really like it. The Marugoto Japanese course is a little bit hard, but I like challenges ;)

I have already learned a lot Spanish and a decent amount of Japanese Hiragana (but not all of them yet...). I started to study Spanish for many years ago but I have had breaks in my studies waaaaay too often. So I'm still somewhere on level A1-A2. My goal is to be advanced in Spanish, maybe B2 level. In Japanese my goal is A2 level right now. I don't need to be very advanced in Japanese.

I'm actually on the C1 or maybe C2 level in English because I did a placement test on Busuu, but I have only earned the certificates in A1 and A2 in English for the moment. I'm not very good on grammar terminology in either Swedish (my native language) nor English so I haven't been able to get the C1 and C2 certificates in English yet...

One of my certificates in English.

Now I'm going to practice some language skills on Marugoto and Lengalia.


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