Reflection is self care

I'm sitting here with my regular journal and my folder with self care workbooks I've purchased on Etsy and printed out on my home printer. They are perfect tools to help me reflect on life and decide what I want to do. Self care is not only simply to take care of yourself like exercising or eating healthy... Self care is also taking time to reflect on your life and LET YOURSELF reflect on your feelings.

That's why I'm journaling. The course "Writing to Heal. Using Journaling to transform your life" by Dale Darley on has helped me SO so MUCH! I really recommend it if you want to get started with journaling, and don't know where to start. Now - thanks to this course - I have a regular, strong journaling habit which I'm so grateful for.

I like to be creative so the self care workbooks in combination with journaling make me feel very good. The workbooks contains questions to reflect on and space to draw and write your thoughts in different aspects of your life such as emotional health, physical health, spirituality etc. I like to just sit and reflect sometimes in the day or evening.

Meditation is what it is.

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