Starting small: about my studies

I have paused my studies in behavioral science due to mental health issues. But I thinking about to continue with my online courses on Centre of Excellence which I take besides my main studies. On Centre of Excellence its very chill and I can study at my own pace. Right now I'm studying Poetry writing, religion (wicca, buddhism) and Philosophy on Centre of Excellence.

Maybe it's good to start small and study there to start with and then slowly continue to my behavioral science studies?

I don't feel ready to just jump right in to my main studies right now. I think I will focus on my Centre of Excellence courses for a few weeks and maybe start with behavioral science again in november this year.

I'm happy I'm able to study even tho I have difficulties. I'm happy there is education for everyone and that I am able to pause my studies when I don't feel well.

I don't really have a deadline for my behavioral science studies, more than my personal goal to complete it before 2024. So it's not that the world going under just because I feel to tired to study. But it would be nice to get my Diploma in social pedagogy soon... I have studied this for quite a long time.

I think parts of the problem is that I'm not very used to study... I have never been a very good student even in elementary- and high school. I had, and still have, problems to get myself started with my studies. I have a hard time to sit down and actually study.

But I have my goals and some days are better than others. Some days am I actually really productive with my studies. So I guess I have to be nice towards myself too.

Tomorrow is monday. I thinking about going to the library and study my online courses to start small. I believe in myself!

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