Wicca ritual + information about the Wiccan religion!

Prayer and a ritual yesterday night for my joint pain and may this energy help the doctors find the correct treatment for my illness. The Oracle Cards are telling me that they will find the truth sooner or later.

I'm a Wiccan. What is the Wiccan religion about? Here are some facts and information about my religion:

  • Wicca is an earth based religion and honors and respect the Earth and Mother Nature

  • Wiccans does NOT worship the Devil, because Wiccans don't even believe in the Devil or a Hell! These are Christian concepts and most Wiccans are not Christian. Nor do we practice "black" magic since one of the main commandments of the Wiccan religion is to "harm none". "Do what you want, as long as you harm none" is the center of the Wiccan ethics and beliefs.

  • Wiccans have two deities that we worship, one God and one Goddess.

  • Wiccans do rituals to use energy for healing, prayer, comfort and to work with the Goddess and God. It's nothing unnatural with that. It's not like Harry Potter, lol ;)

  • Wiccans are not evil. You always choose your path and you are always responsible for your actions, and all religions contain evil people. Wicca is simply a religion of harmony with Nature.

  • Wiccans believe that everything you do comes back to you three times. Regardless of bad or good. If you do something, you will get it back three times. That's why it's central in the Wiccan faith to not harm anyone.

  • Wicca is a personal path. You can join a coven (a group) or be a solitary practitioner (I'm solitary). Wiccans don't have a holy book - although we have rules and commandments - nor an orginized faith. It's up to you if you want to join a coven or practice by yourself. This makes it a personal spiritual journey.

I will write more about my Wiccan faith here. I will document my journey. I'm so happy I have found the right path for me, when it comes to religion and belief. I'm fairly new to this religion, but I now feel I know enough and have practiced it enough to know this is my spiritual life and my way of living.


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