Wisdom is listening to yourself too

I have meditated with the mindfulness app for 20 minutes, journaling and writing my thoughts for 10 minutes and recorded my feelings in my two mood tracker apps for about 5 minutes. That's about 35 minutes of my morning routine used to do self reflection and mindfulness each morning.

Here is the mood tracking apps I use.


On Chiku you can keep a mood diary and also get challenges and answer daily questions. I like this app very much!

The other app I use is Bearable, which is more about physical health too. That's a good app to keep a record of your mood as well as your intake of food and water and your symptoms. Bearable is more like medical app than Chiku which is more like a reflecting app. I use them both because they have different functions in my life.

Bearable is entirely free and Chiku costs a few dollars for a year (don't remember exactly how much, but it wasn't very much at all, even to me and I'm just a student).

Great apps.

I have also purchased two new journals, one to write completely freely in and one which has writing exercises between meditations. I will start with the exercises and reflections later today. I planning on taking the time this afternoon so I can do it properly.

Oh and look at my new tattoo! I made it yesterday, it's my fifth tattoo and it's the Autism puzzle symbol surrounded with roses! Love it so much!


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