My name is Tricia Johansson and I'm 28 years old. I'm making this website to talk about mental health and to show my therapeutic art projects. Yes, everything I do, no matter what art field, is for both my own therapy and to make other in the same situations feel better. I make art for mental health both to cope with my condition, which is Autism and my experiences of trauma and abuse, and also to spread awareness about these topics.

I create traditional art, digital art, comics, design, music and different genres of writing such as poetry, short stories and memoirs. Everything with a purpose - to spread awareness about mental health.

I talk on the internet about mental health to teach others about what it really means from a person who both experiences the disorders and have some educational experience too. Right now I'm studying behavioral science so I do also know and learn the science behind the brain.

Welcome to my place on the web where you can find both my art, me talking about stuff as a life coach and also discover my free digital products for mental health. This website contain all my stuff in one simple place.

Facts about me!

  • I have Autism and several other disorders

  • I'm studying Behavioral Science

  • I have a Diploma in Illustration

  • I'm mixed from Sweden, India and Portugal, and I live in Sweden

  • I do journaling every day! I'm always doodling and writing in my creative art journal

  • I'm a big fan of poetry and is a published poet myself

  • I like to compose music and play musical instruments and my music is released under the name Simply Avoranic

  • I publish designs and comics under the brand Treece Design

  • I'm a life coach and energy healer

  • I also have a certificate in angelic healing

  • I have experiences of several traumas and I planning on publish a poetry and memoir book about my past

  • I'm a Wiccan and I'm a spiritual person

  • I love aroma lamps, crystals, candles, old books and oracle cards

  • I'm a fantasy and sci-fi geek

  • I'm considering myself to have a gothic style of clothing and make-up