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My Story

Hello, I'm Tricia Johansson, I'm 27 years old and I was born in a small town outside Gothenburg, Sweden. Early in my childhood I developed mental illnesses due to Autism that wasn't discovered until I was an adult. Because nobody understod what was wrong, I started to self-harm, and I was through several traumatic experiences as a child, including beatings in school and sexual abuse.

I had no way to communicate with the outside world, although I had high functioning autism (which I later got diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome) so I was able to talk like anyone else, but not to communicate and make myself understod.

I later found a way to express myself through music, arts and writing.

In my late teenagers I was in a living nightmare, I was on mental hospitals and I also had a boyfriend who was beating me and raped me regularly. I escaped, only to found another reality through a multiple personality disorder.

Later I was experiencing similar types of trauma again, in my early 20s. In my middle 20s I nearly died due to an suicide attempt.

In 2019 I discovered that I wanted to change my life and become a therapist and professional life coach and I working towards a healthier life away from people who was hurting me. So I started to gain more healthy friends and I started to study Behavioral Science, Psychology and Philosophy. I have also completed several Healing courses and is now an energy healer and angelic healer too.

I started to work on myself, go to therapy, take my medication for my illnesses and I also got four pet birds (budgies!!!) to feel a purpose and to be less alone. Thanks to loving friends and family I have developed so much, and I do really embrace my journey towards a healthy life where I can reach my goals in music and arts and also one day become a therapist/experienced life coach (although I have completed some life coaching courses so I am ready to start small and help others online. I'm still studying coaching, but now on a more advanced level tho). 

I also want to express my philosophies as the philosopher I have became with my life experiences and my studies in the field.

I'm still on the journey to a better life, I'm still working on myself, but I enjoy my journey and I celebrate every small step of improvement I make. I will no longer hide my story either. I have not reached the life I want yet, but I'm very much on my way! We are all developing all the time, so I feel I am ready to now help others.

Education: on-going studies

  • Behavioral science (social pedagogy diploma) at Distansinstitutet in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Philosophy at Centre of Excellence - online study

  • Japanese language at Marugoto Japanese course by The Japan Foundation - online study 

  • Spanish language at Lengalia E-Learning - online study

  • Various courses on Udemy, Alison, OpenLearn and Lead Academy - mostly for fun!

Education: completed studies

  • Illustration Diploma at Forsbergs Skola in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Photoshop Elements Diploma at Distansskolan in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Angelic Healing Practioner at Academy of Ancient Magik

  • Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner at Academy of Ancient Magik

  • Energy Healing Practioner at ChakraSchool/Udemy

  • Psychodynamic Theories in Psychology at Udemy

  • Life coaching training course at Udemy

  • Philosophy, Psychology, Spanish & English at Folkuniversitetet in Trollhättan, Sweden

  • Psychology and Behavioral Science (fundamentals) at Lärcentrum in Trollhättan, Sweden

  • English level A1 and A2 on Busuu

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coach at Transformation Academy/Udemy

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